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Teaser campaign to promote BFI: Thriller Season

We were asked by the British Film Institute to create a teaser strategy and activations to help raise awareness for their upcoming Thriller season amongst their key demographic of 23-28 year olds with an interest in film.

By listening to our target audience we used insights to develop a teaser campaign across digital and print to engage the audience without initially revealing the full purpose of the campaign, we needed to position the BFI Thriller season as “something for me” amongst millennial influencer groups.

Under the banner of ‘Who Can You Trust?’ we built a narrative teaser campaign that could exist across multiple forms of media. By using themes from key titles from the Thriller season, we created a narrative of mistrust, anxiety and paranoia that worked to pull in our target audience.

We executed this strategy by creating fake company The Trust Institute – “The world’s leading body in reality analysis. It’s their job to track you and the people around you, so you can find out who you can really trust.”

We designed and built a website for The Trust Institute along with it’s own social platforms. Intriguing, eerie and cryptic content was seeded out urging the public to take ‘The Trust Test’. This test asked questions such as, “Do you often doubt the intentions of those around you?” and “Are you suspicious of your partner?”. The answers to these questions eventually lead you to the film best suited to you within the BFI’s Thriller season.

We saw an excellent conversion on The Trust Institute website with 25% of all unique visitors clicking through to take the Trust Test.

Try it out for yourself, take The Trust Test!

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