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Producer + Paid Intern

elevenfiftyfive are growing and we need more talented people to join us on our mission to support the UK’s film properties through positive brand campaigns.

This is your chance to input into the future of a young successful company, whilst also influencing the future of the UK film industry. With growth potential and international expansion in the planning, there are vast opportunities available.

We’re looking for…

Producer with experience working across a range of consumer brand campaigns including partnerships, experiential, marketing and events to join the production team.

The Producer will lead on the development and delivery of a variety of key brand & film campaigns. This can span anything from projects that have content/film production at their heart to pop-up and in-cinema event screenings, brand sponsorships & partnerships, premieres, experiential campaigns, short film competitions, film festivals, consultancy, online film distribution and much more.

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A Paid Intern, the elevenfiftyfive Intern scheme has been set up to give bright, hard working individuals an insight into the film landscape and the world of consumer brand marketing.

The scheme provides valuable work experience and will leave you in a strong position to be able to apply for similar positions in the industry in the future.

The scheme aims to provide you with opportunities to learn about the range of tasks connected with running creative and successful campaigns and events that enable brands to connect with film.

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