January 2017

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Woody Harrelson gets Lost in London

Woody Harrelson gets Lost in London

Here’s a first for cinema goers… Witness Woody Harrelson create something spectacular, or perhaps something cataclysmic, all for your viewing pleasure on the big screen.

With the help of Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson, Harrelson will reenact the crazy night he was arrested following a London cab chase. Titled Lost in London, it will be shot on the streets of London and broadcast live to over 500 cinemas across the US ¬†and an exclusive UK screening at Picturehouse Central. We’ve seen the rise of live theatre and gaming in cinemas, but we’ve yet to see a live feature film on the big screen – we love a first. We hope Woody pulls it off, but if he doesn’t, he’s promised to jump off Waterloo Bridge into the River Thames. Either way, it will be entertaining!

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Watch the trailer for Lost in London.


Back to basics

Back to basics

In this social media age, film marketing attempts to get audiences excited by dynamic trailers, spots, GIFs and all kinds of materials that look awesome on your Facebook feed. But what of the humble poster, hanging in cinema corridors? Marketeers shouldn’t forget the impact this imagery has on us.

This brings us to one recent film poster that can’t be glossed over – A24‘s artwork for Moonlight. The trailer they created for the film is a home-run; it brings the rich array of characters and the delicate fragments of the story together expertly. But to put all this across in a single poster? Big ask.

First off, it’s beautiful. But at a closer look, the nuances come to the surface with strong hits of colour and photography piecing together Chiron’s character over the course of his life. The composition of the poster shows us that time, age and experience are key themes without giving too much of the plot away, all the while drawing our eye down to the glowing title treatment using vertical lines that join the images together.

This poster occupies that rare space between art and advertising that distributors everywhere long for – and it masters both perfectly.

Moonlight is released in the UK by Altitude on 17 February.

Watch the trailer for Moonlight.

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