A Bigger Splash


February 2016

A beautiful piece of print to celebrate the release of A Bigger Splash.



Raise awareness around the release of A Bigger Splash. Attracting food and travel lovers with sumptuous design and targeted distribution channels.



Working with Human After All we created the concept 'Your passport to Pantelleria' an insiders guide to the island. With a map of Pantelleria’s hotspots: sunbaked beaches, villas, lakes and restaurants. Each with its own story – all were locations from the film, or favourites of the director and crew. Plus, Italian dining experts Forza Win specially created a Caponata recipe influenced by Pantelleria.



The zines were strategically distributed, to target an audience of food and travel lovers. Restaurants, cinemas and cultural hotspots were selected as distribution outlets.
Over 20,000 guides were distributed nationwide.

createGemma Cole